Pro Tips

Learn how to make the most of your kit below. When you're done, spread the positive word. Post photos and videos of your experience and finished artwork on Instagram and Facebook and tag us.

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So you've got a mailing tube filled with all the supplies you need to make gallery quality art. What do you do next?

1. If you have little ones who will be getting in on the action we recommend taping down the plastic tarp without them before you start. 

2. Lay out the canvas making sure the white "primed" side is facing up. 

3. Remember that you need to leave at least a 1.5-inch border around the edges of the canvas for room to stretch it if you plan on doing that later.

4. If you're planning to run a tape line across the whole canvas let it run over the edges. It will be easier to remove the tape after the paint dries.

5. After you've placed the tape down in the design you like do one last tape check to make sure tape has adhered to the canvas.

6. Part of the creative process is getting messy and really enjoying the tactile feeling of the paint as you spread it over the canvas, so while the tarp will make cleanup easier, block off any additional areas not covered by the tarp.

7. We recommend adding your base colors first and then using one of the other colors to add accents. Get creative and make this piece your own! Some people will like the look of less paint on the canvas so they can see more of the hand and fingerprints while others will like full coverage.

8. While our paint is specifically formulated for finger painting and is non-toxic, if little ones are involved, make sure to supervise closely. It's never fun to rub your eyes with painted hands or to eat paint. If this feels a little too difficult for your child, you might want to save this kit until they are a little older. 

9. Let your kit dry for at least 4 hours before removing the tape. We generally try to let the canvas dry overnight and do a big reveal in the morning. 

10. Get your canvas up on the wall! Bring it to your local framer or art shop to get the canvas stretched or if you like the challenge of doing it on your own you can purchase stretcher bars and a staple gun and do it for less $$$.

11. Enjoy your painting! This is an awesome memory and you're bound to get compliments on it.